Fertility Freedom Ambassador Program


What is it?

I am thrilled to announce that I have released a Fertilityfreedom Affiliate Program which will kick off March 1st, 2021. As an ambassador, you will receive 1:1 fertility awareness instruction from ME, a certified FEMM educator. You will receive the entire instruction series over a four-month contract, email support, and chart review during that time period.

Who might this work for?

Are you a person who has been considering fertility awareness to either avoid pregnancy, achieve a pregnancy or chart for overall health? Are you active on social media (you don’t have to have a gigantic following, please don’t be discouraged to apply)? Are you naturally minded and/or focused? Some of the ideal candidates may be birth workers, postpartum doulas, health care practitioners, and/or individuals who are naturally minded and searching for an alternative to hormonal contraceptives.

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Convinced and Ready to Apply?

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