Did You Fall Off the Bandwagon Over the Holidays?

Updated: Jan 17

Although I assure clients that applying fertility awareness will become second nature over time, when you are beginning to learn and apply the method, busy times can lead to missed temperatures and cervical mucus checks. I am here to remind you that this is OK, and the following are a few tips to get you back on track.

1. Set a reminder. I advise my clients to set a bedtime reminder to chart their cervical mucus, along with other data of the day. If you have fallen off the bandwagon over the holidays, that’s OK! Start tonight, set your alarm, and just focus on recording the information day by day.

2. Have an accountability buddy. Perhaps you and a friend started charting together. Check in with them daily. Did they check their cervical mucus? Did they take their ovulation test strip? One of the best accountability buddies can be your instructor. If you are struggling to remember, reach out to them and ask them to check in daily!

3. Leave your thermometer in an obvious place. I place my Tempdrop on the bedside table. That way when I head to sleep, it’s one of the first things that I see as I plug in my phone for the evening. If you use a traditional BBT, set an alarm for the morning and have your thermometer in plain sight! This will reduce the chance that you will forget to take it in the AM.

Charting over the holidays can be a tricky time! Remember to bring all your FAM products with you when you travel: BBT, ovulation test strips, and chart. Ask your accountability partner to check in daily and set an alarm. AND I promise, over time, charting will become second nature!

Comment below, what tips and tricks do you use to remind yourself to chart over the holidays? How long do you believe it was before charting became second nature?

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