FAM Method Awareness Series - Symptopro

What method do you teach?


Which biomarkers does it incorporate, and how would you classify it (e.g. symptothermal)?

SymptoPro is a symptothermal method, so it incorporates cervical mucus, sensation, and basal body temperature. Women can choose to track their cervixes, but this is an optional sign.

What is the certification process like?

You need to take a course with SymptoPro before entering the certification process, even if you’re already using another method of FAM. This is to ensure you’re familiar with the way that SymptoPro categorizes mucus and sensation, as well as understanding more about their family planning rules.

The instructor training program itself involves roughly 40 hours of work, done at your own pace. You learn through a training manual, online slides, online quizzes, and offline activities that are sent in for individualized detailed feedback.

Once the training program is complete, the supervised practicum begins. During this final phase, you teach on a supervised basis. Once you have taught under supervision by guiding six couples through their first six cycles, you take a final exam and then become a certified SymptoPro Instructor. Overall, the training usually lasts about a year and a half.

What makes your method unique?

The cervical mucus categories are simpler with SymptoPro, and sensation is just as important as cervical mucus when determining your fertile window. SymptoPro BBT rules also make it easier to confirm ovulation than other methods.

A con: While you don’t need to be Catholic to certify, it’s important to note that SymptoPro does have material that is based on Catholic teaching. However, the bulk of Catholic teaching is in two chapters that you aren’t expected to complete if you’re not Catholic. If you’re willing to work with/around some Catholic assumptions in the material, I think it can still work really well.

Who might your method best suit?

I think that SymptoPro is great for everyone! But I find that most people who come to SymptoPro want a method that is more affordable but still allows for personalized feedback from an instructor. Plus, there are more individualized rules that your instructor can help you with if you have a cycle that is outside of the “normal” range (e.g. PCOS, postpartum, etc.)

How long is the instruction and what does it look like?

There are actually two ways to learn SymptoPro! The first is live (online or in person). The class consists of three two-hour sessions that meet over the course of one month, with personalized follow-up from an instructor. A fourth private follow-up is also scheduled one month after the final session, followed by on-going chart review for the first four to six cycles.

There is also a self-paced online course that is modeled after the live class. It consists of three self-paced sessions taken two weeks apart. Your assigned instructor contacts you throughout the course, either by email or phone (whichever you prefer). Chart review continues for the first four to six cycles.

Comment below, which method do you use? Have you tried symptopro?

Johanna is a certified fertility awareness educator, group fitness instructor, and personal trainer. I teach women to chart their cycles for natural birth control, as well as to create an intuitive exercise plan that works for their bodies. You can find me online over on Instagram, or check out my class offerings at my website.

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