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There are many different Fertility Awareness Methods (FAM) to choose from, and I’m going to tell you a bit about my method of choice, the Justisse Method.

When I discovered FAM, after many years as a sexual health educator, I knew it was my passion and that I was meant to teach it to others. At first I was overwhelmed by the different methods to choose from, but after doing some research, I discovered the Justisse Method, and it was definitely the best fit for me.

I love that it uses a standardized method of categorizing mucus, is based on secular and feminist principles, and that the teachers of this method have comprehensive holistic reproductive health training.

What is the Justisse Method?

The Justisse Method is a symptothermal method of fertility awareness. In this method, cervical mucus observations are the main focus for determining fertile and interfile days. Basal body temperature is also charted, with the option of charting cervical position as well. As birth control, the Justisse Method perfect use rate is 99.6% effective.

Teachers of the Justisse Method are certified as Holistic Reproductive Health Practitioners (HRHPs) by the Justisse College and also certified by the Association of Fertility Awareness Health Professionals. They can assist in supporting and managing hormonal health. Many people use this method to improve their fertility and hormonal health. The menstrual cycle is the fifth vital sign of health, and you can learn so much about your health by interpreting your charts—even without any hormone testing!

What is the basis of the Justisse Method?

This method was developed by Dr. Geraldine Matus in 1987 in Canada as a standardized secular and feminist method rooted in Dr. Matus’ training in the Billings, Creighton, and Serena Canada systems.

How is this method unique?

The Justisse Method has similarities and differences with other methods, but here are a few of its special qualities:

· Secular (open to teach anyone, regardless of religious leanings)

· Feminist (pro-choice; open to teach anyone, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, relationship status, etc.)

· Standardized mucus categories for sensation, color, and stretchiness

· Use last dry day rule to determine the beginning of the fertile phase of the cycle

· Can be used as a mucus-only method if desired

· Does not require a specific amount of temperature rise to confirm ovulation, so long as the “3 over 6” rule is met

· HRHPs study for two years and receive comprehensive holistic reproductive health education

· Open to all forms of birth control during the fertile phase (keeping in mind the effectiveness rate is based on abstinence)

Why do I love the Justisse Method?

I love that the method is based on secular and feminist principles. I love that it has a standardized system of charting mucus, and regardless of which practitioner you work with, they will all be able to interpret your charts. I love that the mucus observations are rigorous enough to be used as a mucus-only method, since this gives me extra confidence in the efficacy rate, especially for birth control. And, like all fertility awareness methods, I love how much we can learn about our overall health and well-being by observing and tracking our cycles.

Who is Allison?

My name is Allison and I’m a Fertility Awareness & Menstrual Health Educator. I teach the Justisse Method of Fertility Awareness and help people learn to chart their cycles for natural birth control, pregnancy planning, and managing hormonal health issues naturally. You can find me online at Instagram or in my free Holistic Hormones and Fertility Awareness Charting Community. Come by and say hi, I’d love to chat all about menstrual health and mucus with you!

Comment below, what is your preferred method of fertility awareness and why?

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