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Have you been considering purchasing a Tempdrop? Are you a shift worker or postpartum

person who is searching for a reliable basal body thermometer? Here is a FEMtech device that will completely change your ability to chart using basal body temperature (BBT)—Tempdrop! Whether you are trying to conceive, trying to avoid pregnancy, or charting for overall health, this device is for you!

Tempdrop is a smart, wearable device that is worn on your arm throughout your cycle, during

sleeping hours. It collects multiple data points and, through an algorithm, gives you an accurate single sleeping temperature.

What's so cool about Tempdrop? It filters out the “noise” that traditionally affects a person’s

ability to obtain an accurate result with a conventional basal body thermometer. Things such as waking to pee, breastfeeding a baby, and traveling to a different time zone can all impact your ability to obtain a reliable BBT.

As a working student midwife, I might sleep for six hours one night and four hours the next. A

traditional basal body thermometer did not meet the needs of my chaotic lifestyle. I was not ableto continue using such a device while obtaining an accurate, reliable chart for trying to avoid pregnancy. I was fortunate to discover Tempdrop early in my fertility awareness journey and can assure you, I will never go back! I've used it in times of extended travel, shift work, short sleeps, sleeping during the day, and so forth. This device has truly been a life changer!

Tempdrop is offering 10% off the device as part of their referral program. Click here to get 10% off your purchase.

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