"It’s been almost two years since learning FEMM with Tarina, and it’s truly been the gift that keeps on giving. I have been working in the realm of reproduction in some capacity for a number of years and (until FEMM) have always somehow neglected to really get to know my cycles.
Tarina was such an interested, empathic, knowledgeable person to learn from - I loved having such a solid mentor to touch base with over the three months that she worked with me.
FEM has been life-changing; in particular, using daily tracking has enabled me to detect cyclical associations with my frequent headaches, encouraged me to think about my moods, anxieties, desires, and other daily aspects of life. It’s also been fun!! I love knowing when I’m ovulating - it’s sexy, empowering, and totally wild that I spent most of my reproductive years not understanding this cycle. Thanks for everything, Tarina!

Megan V., Winnipeg, MB

"I had never tracked my cycles in any capacity before but with Tarina's help everything was easy to understand. She is very knowledgeable and I can now feel more confident about avoiding pregnancy without the use of contraceptive methods that didn't agree with my body."

Allie P., Kelowna, BC